Sorting table rows with JQuery

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When you deal with huge tabular data, a problem of sorting comes out. Basically, server-side sorting may result a big increase of load, and why do we need it if we can do it client-side.

First, we start with including the script for sorting tables:

<script src=''></script>
<script type='text/javascript' src='jqsortable.js'></script>

You can actually (and it’s better) put the jquery source file on your host, this will lower the page loading time.

Next, make sure you put a “jqsortable” class for a table and put table header columns, like this:

  <table class='jqsortable'>
    <tr><th class='integer'>Item #</th><th class='integer'>Quantity</th><th class='string'>Title</th></tr>
    <tr>... values ...</tr>

Note, that these classes are available for sorting: integer, float, string

And that’s it, you can watch the demo here
And, you can download the script source here

Update from June, 26
JQSortable is now more optimized and runs quicker

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