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Finally, i compiled all the abbreviations i remembered/found and published them online.

afaicr/s/t – As far as I can recall / remember / see / tel
afaik – As far as I know
afk – Away from keyboard
anfscd – And Now For Something Completely Different
atm – At the moment
asap – As soon as possible
asl – Age / sex / location
ateotd – At The End of the Day
awol – Absent Without (Official) Leave
aybabtu (also AYB) – All your base are belong to us
bbiab – Be back in a bit
bbl – Be back later
brb – Be right back
brt – Be right there
btw – By the way
cya – See ya
ffs – For f*cks Sake
g2g – Got to go
gfg – Good f*cking game
gg – Good Game
gl – Good Luck
gnd – Go N Die
gtfo – Get The F*ck Out
hf – Holy F*ck
hlp – Help!
ic – I see
idk – I don’t know
imho – In my humble opinion
imo – In my opinion
k, kk – Ok
jk – Just kidding
l8er – Later
lol – Laughing out loud.
lmao – Laughing my *ss off.
ltr – later
m8 – Mate
omg – Oh my god
omfg – Oh my f*cking god
n2m – Not too much
np – No problem
nvm – Never mind
plz, pls – Please
rofl – Rolling on floor laughing.
roflmao – Rolling on floor laughing my *ss off.
srry – Sorry
stfu – Shut the f*ck up
thnks, thx, thnx – Thanks
ty – Thank you
wtf – What the f*ck
u – You
y? – Why?
yw – You’re welcome

Please feel free to suggest any new ones that are not in the list.

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  1. Ward Lamunyon says:

    Good website dude Thanks

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks, glad you liked it 😉