10 Most important and useful plugins for Mozilla Firefox

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logo-add-ons-halfLet’s take a look at some most important plugins, that simplify our lives. These things extend and widen the Firefox possibilities as well as organize and minimize other existing functions.

Basic document reading plugins which don’t need description:

Now some really useful plugins.

Download Statusbar

Hides all the built-in download function in a small status bar. This way, you don’t see any popup download window but you can manage the downloads same way by simply hovering the status bar and pushing buttons.


The best IRC client for Firefox.

Web Developer

This is one of the best plugin for any web developer. Contains a humongous amount of options for highlighting, debugging, checking, searching, getting.. The must plugin for web developers.


A plugin for WML developers. Allows viewing WML pages as on mobile devices.


An RSS and Atom feed aggregator for Mozilla Firefox. Got lots of useful functions in a small plugin


“StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests, learns what you like and brings you more”. Simply, it allows sharing the websites you like and showing the relevant results according to your likes and dislikes.

Adblock Plus

This is an ad blocker, it will block any type of ads while you browse the web. Honestly, i recommend not to install this plugin since you will lower the global ad revenue, making people earn less money.


NoScript allows you to block malicious scripts on websites, block XSS, Clickjacking attacks and much more.


Let’s you download any media item on the page within a single click. Download links, audio files, video clips, images easily.

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